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Menstrual Cycles

February 26, 2010

I have always been baffled, since the moment I first learned that women’s menstrual cycles often sync with other women’s cycles.  The idea, that a woman can affect another woman’s bodily functions, simply by being near them, has been one of the nagging mysteries that I have yet to find a satisfactory answer for.

Some researchers think it’s pheromone related, which makes sense but then, wouldn’t one female consistently dominate everyone else’s cycle?  My understanding is that the leader, or cycle setter, can switch from female to female within the same group.

My theory is that it’s a combination of light and pheromones; or rather, light is the initial catalyst which effects pheromones. This is the first thing (that came out recently) that supported my 2 decade hunch.

I’ve heard that mothers and daughters will sync cycles but then, more often than not, daughters are more affected by their closest friends.   The reason I think it’s more about light, than pheromones is that close friends who tend to lead similar lifestyles, also tend to have similar access to the same light (especially artificial).   Younger ladies who stay out all night – shaking their asses in da club – will tend to have similar light exposure.  Older women who go to bed early and rise early will tend not to sync with them.  My guess is that mothers and daughters who tend to sync (over their own peer groups), are probably the ones who tend to have similar schedules and therefore timing of their lumen exposure.

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